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Those I haven't seen "in person," I found by surfing the 'Net.

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Welcome to WonderfulOldHomes.org, the home of my many-splendored collection of old homes.  I enjoy checking my counter to see how many people have stopped by and gone on to look at the web sites I've listed, so I know others appreciate the old homes as I do.  Happy surfing!  Marge

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January 2014

Briarhurst, a Victorian English Country Manor, Manitou Springs, Colorado.  A delightful place for a wedding!


Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, New York, a Beaux-arts sporting pavilion.  Chelsea Clinton's wedding was here!


I like calendars with nice pictures on them -- kittens; puppies; hot air balloons; barns; birds;  lighthouses; oceans; mountains; barns; flowers; teapots; and so forth.  If I had my way, I'd have one in each room of our own home, closets included!  So  I select a "new" Wonderful Old Home for each month.  At the end of the month, I move it to Monthly Wonderful Old Homes, because the main WOH page is getting so long.  Enjoy!

See my Kansas Old Homes page.

Speaking of lighthouses... while we lived in Southeast Alaska, I purchased a cardigan featuring "Lighthouses of the United States."  It's cozy, so I often wear it as a sweater and people will ask me where I got it.  Of course I tell them "in Alaska"! 

I also like miniature things, or large reproductions of small things.  Recently we drove through Oologah, Oklahoma and I saw a delightful little doll house advertising the Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch, and I had my daughter take a picture with my cell phone. As she was doing so, a kind gentleman asked if we'd like to see the real house.  So we followed him in our car.  It was well worth the visit.  The original logs are mostly covered by the white siding, but they are visible near the fireplace scenery.  It's a working ranch, complete with goats, a donkey and some longhorn cattle.  I had not heard a cow "moo" for years... I've been in the city too long!

Click to enlage
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"B" Street House in Virginia City, Nevada.  Built in 1875, this gothic revival with Italianate influence is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Granite Grove B&B in Moscow, Idaho  -  Hosted by our friends James & Teresa Lucas.  First time I ever heard of the Palouse!

The Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, Indiana, was built by architects Joseph and William Banes in the style of the Second French Empire.  Quite elegant!


County Courthouses aren't homes, of course, but many are architectural gems
Texas Courthouses   ||  Kansas Courthouses

Out in the windy plains of the United States, windmills were a helpful addition to pioneer farms, pumping water for families and their livestock.  In Spearman, Texas, there is a collection of Windmills.


A 400-year-old Elizabethan manor, Thornewood Castle, near Tacoma WA.
Thanks, Sarah!

 Colonial Williamsburg.  "America.  Chapter I."  {Lots of pictures to enjoy!}

The oldest home in America

There are competing claims for the distinction of being the oldest house in the United States.  St. Augustine, Florida and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  What do you think?

The González-Alvarez House in St. Augustine

The last remnant of the Pueblo of Analco

Thanks, Renee!


I saw this beautiful house on the Oprah show, November 27, 2007:
The 1842 Inn in Macon, Georgia!

Newport, Rhode Island, Mansions - think Vanderbilt family, Classical Revival, silver heiress, High Victorian architecture, Gothic Revival style, Newport's Golden Age.  Wealthy people with elaborate lifestyles. 

If you've heard of "The Hamptons" here's a glimpse.  Mill House Inn, the Hamptons, Long Island NY www.millhouseinn.com

The Ypsilanti Heritage Foundation, in Michigan, has an excellent web site about their historical preservation projects.  You'll want to explore all their links, which include before and after pictures.  Their illustrated architectural timeline is a gem!

A country home in the city - Barry Road Bed & Breakfast.  "...Furnished with a life-long collection of antique furniture, dishes, tapestries, and lamps.  Lots of books, small appliances and toys."

New to me, but the "style" is actually older than me (well, a few things are, believe it or not):  Storybook-style houses - fun to look at even if you don't go inside!  Think Hansel, Gretel, and Snow White.
Tudor-style homes in Kansas City, Missouri were designed by Napoleon W. Dible.  I found two links with pictures:  Rockhill Gardens and Hickok-Dible.  I hadn't heard of Dible until I read a book by Kansas City author Aisha Ford, but I've seen many of the homes because I enjoy driving through the neighborhoods around Ward Parkway and Brookside. 
Gamble House, an outstanding example of the American Arts and Craft architectural style.  Pasadena, California

Nostalgia - My dad grew up near the now-famous little town of Branson in the Missouri Ozarks.  A few years back, we stopped by Old Matt's Cabin and toured it.  I felt like I'd traveled back in time and was snooping around Aunt Byrdie & Uncle Ben's house while they weren't home!  Click here for a page showing postcards of the old house.

Visit America's Painted Ladies


The Cross House in Emporia, Kansas is being renovated by Robert & Deborah Rodak.  My husband Howard & I drove through Emporia recently and, as usual, went by the house.  To my delight they had posted a THE CROSS HOUSE sign, so I Googled when we got home and found their website.  The  loving efforts of Bob & Debbi have recently been noticed by the Topeka ABC station.  On our next trip into Kansas, we want to stop by to meet the Rodaks and tour the house. 

Singer Castle sits on Dark Island in the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York. 
One of my sons visited it recently and learned the main reason for secret passageways
was to let the servants work out of view of guests.

Hosanna Ranch in Montana -- 100-year-old house full of love for children!


A thatched-roof house and other sights in Merry Olde England
-- Come with me as we tour south central England


Bonjour!  We're off to France for a look at hotels and guest houses close to Monet's Garden near Giverny (northwest of Paris). 

Explore www.tuscany.net/ -- a rich resource of lovely places to stay in Europe, from castles to farmhouses.

There are also castles, stately homes, and houses in the British Isles.

Top of the World Hotel in Barrow, Alaska, "land of the Midnight Sun."  I was surprised to learn that the Arctic Ocean is NOT solid ice during the summer!


If I were a rich woman . . . I'd live part of the year in a suite at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu!
Cream of the Crop-- the mansions in Natchez, Mississippi.

Another town that itself is a museum:  Ste. Genevieve, Missouri.  The French Canadian colonial community, founded in the mid-1700s, features several rare vertical log homes.  It's about 60 miles south of St. Louis, and on the Mississippi River - just like Natchez.

Oh, to spend a day at Cape May! 
Another "Cream of the Crop!" - this one is in New Jersey

Thanks, Shannon!

The Independence, Missouri Home of Harry & Bess Truman. 

Historic Longview Mansion - Classic Elegance in Lee's Summit MO

Kansas Homes

The Eisenhower Family Home in Abilene. 
Thomas Kirby House, built in 1885, Abilene. 
Abilene's Seelye Mansion.  
The Moses & Annie Grinter Home in Kansas City, Kansas. 
1881 Z-Bar near Strong City, an important part of the Tall Grass Prairie
National Preserve
(also known as the Spring Hill Ranch). 

The only residence in Kansas designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  
Rosberg House in Lindsborg, an 1885 "Painted Lady" Victorian.
Thanks to Melvon Olds for suggesting it. 

The Cottage House Hotel, Council Grove, a prairie Victorian.

Now spend some time in the Sunflower State and see MORE Wonderful Old
Kansas Homes at www.WonderfulOldHomes.org/KansasHomes.html 


I really enjoy the way Thomas Kinkade paints old houses, so I was delighted to find a website with several of them at ThomasKincadeAsheville.com/

A list of "Restore America" links  from HGTV.COM -- some were homes
A Tour of Martin Luther King's Birth Home

North Carolina's Queen Anne Executive Mansion - thanks Mary Watson for suggesting it - it's a WOW!  You can read more about by clicking here.
California's old Governor's Mansion.

Governor's Mansion, Kentucky. 
The Missouri Governor's Mansion.
Not sure of the state, but this is a beauty.  Now I know -- it's the Governor's Mansion in old Williamsburg, Virginia.  Thanks, Jack Short, for your help!
And now to the Governor's Mansion in Juneau, Alaska.  
Not really a governor's residence--but King David Kalakaua once lived in Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Georgia's Governor's Mansion in Altanta.

I wonder if the Queen of England is at home today?

Or the Pope, who lives at the Vatican.

The White House, Washington, D.C.
Mt. Vernon, Home of George & Martha Washington. 

Abraham Lincoln's Home in Springfield, Illinois.
FDR's Home.
Eleanor Roosevelt Home. 
Jimmy Carter's Boyhood Home.
Andrew Jackson's Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee.
Hacienda Antigua  200-year-old adobe inn, Albuquerque. 
Bottger-Koch Mansion  Elegant Victorian decor, Albuquerque.
The Inn at Cascade - 1929 Adobe-style, Cascade, CO.
The lovely Luna Mansion in Los Lunas, NM.
Voila! The Sully Mansion in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Travel to Israel

The Quiet Place - "A peaceful sunny place to stay in Tiberias, located in the upper part of Tiberias, with a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee." One of our friends, James Mercer, stayed there in March 2007.  Jim commented, "Wonderful place, great hospitality and I recommend it to everyone!  Food is great!"

Shalom from Israel. I am happy to announce my website for SIMPLY ISRAEL, at www.simplyisrael.co.il  Israel has such a wonderful variety of foods from different cultural backgrounds, I would like for you to be able to bring home to your own country the foods we have here in the Land.  "Simply Israel" is 190 pages long with a wide variety of choices of breads, soups, salads, main dishes, eggs and cheese, side dishes, cakes and desserts. The large typestyle and straightforward instructions help to make cooking the tastes of Israel easy and fun. March 2009: Simply Israel is now available in Spanish.
Blessings to you, T. Gila Levine

No ordinary Bed and Breakfast this!  The Chanler in Newport, Rhode Island.

Bed and Breakfasts are a way to preserve old homes in the USA, and advertising them on the Internet provides us with photographs of them.

Pecan Place - Beautifully restored stick-style Victorian home,
Trenton, Tennessee

...This one is a WOW!!!
Higher Ground Victorian Mansion, an elegant 1856 Italianate in Galena, Illinois.  Thanks Marian!

Another WOW!!! 
The Southern Mansion in Cape May, New Jersey, 1860

New England Gems:
Some Vermont
Bed and Breakfasts
Jackson House - Victorian in Woodstock.
Glynn House in Ashland, an 1890s restored Victorian Inn.

Maplewood Inn, Fair Haven.
Dowd's Country Inn, Lyme.
Windham Hill Inn, West Townshend - be sure to enlarge the beautiful photos.

Some homes are
wonderfully large!
And thus are museums.
The largest private residence in the United States, the Biltmore Mansion.

Nemours, the elegant Alfred duPont Mansion in Wilmington, Delaware.

Hearst Castle isn't exactly what you'd call a cozy cottage, but it's 
no longer a private residence

Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Michigan, said to be the fourth largest home in the United States.  Thanks, www.funattic.com! 

The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, Connecticut.  A French Renaissance Revival "summer home" with 62 rooms!

Stan Hywet Hall, a 65-room Tudor Revival mansion in Akron, Ohio

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose CA.

More New England Gems, all B&Bs Marshall Slocum House, Newport RI
A Victorian Village Inn, Clinton, Connecticut
The Captain Lord Mansion, Kennebunk Port, Maine
Five Gables Inn, East Boothbay ME
Glynn House Victorian Inn, Ashland, New Hampshire

Reproductions of Victorian-style homes abound, I'm sure.  But here in the Kansas City area, we have an architectural delight - a development which features large recently-built "old" Victorian houses, all private residences.  Each is different from all the others.  They appear to be reproductions made from the old blueprints.  If you want to look at them, they are located on Caenen Lane, along west 143rd Street in Olathe KS, (just west of  Antioch).  I have no pictures for you to see, but I did find a website where you can get an idea of what they look like.  See Dream Homes - Period Style.

Free on-line magazine: www.victoriana.com/

DeLano Inn, a delightful 1863 Victorian Italianate in Allegan, Michigan
Thanks, Scott & Karen


Colorado Delights

Grays Avenue Hotel, Manitou Springs Queen Anne, 1886.
  Holden House 1902, Colorado Springs.
In Denver, check out The Unsinkable Molly Brown House.
Lennox House in Colorado Springs.

  Gazebo Country Inn, Salida, built in 1901.
Pikes Peak Paradise in Woodland.
Eastholme, an 1885 Victorian in Cascade. 
Sunnymede, Manitou Springs, 1885 
Tarabino Inn, Trinidad Victorian

Victoria's Keep, 1892 Queen Anne, Manitou Springs
1896, Room at the Inn, Colorado Springs
Craig Ranch, Limon - up-to-date on the outside, Victoriana inside.

~~ Off to Denver, Colorado and more Victoriana ~~

Capitol Hill Mansion 
Castle Marne 
The Gregory Inn
Holiday Chalet, a restored mansion 

The Lumber Baron Inn
The Queen Anne


 Southern Beauties
The Cedars by the Sea, Beaufort NC - 1768 - she holds her age well!
Serendipity Cottage, Thomasville, Georgia - 1906 Elegance
, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Kendall Manor, Eufaula, Alabama.
Claremont House, Rome, Georgia.
Maple Hill Manor, Springfield, Kentucky  
Maymont House, the Dooley mansion in Richmond, Virginia

Thanks to Mary Plageman for suggesting it! 
The Calhoun Mansion in Clemson, South Carolina.

Villa de la Fontaine, Charleston, SC.
The Mary Scott House, Fantasia, in Charleston SC
Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina
(been there, done that!)
Cedar Crest in Asheville, North Carolina.

 Bailey House on Amelia Island in Florida.
Bailey House, Fernandina, FL
The Rutledge Victorian Guest House, Charleston SC, 1887 Painted Lady
A lot of Victorian charm at McKibbon House in Montevallo, AL - 1900
   St. Augustine, FL: Bayfront Marin House with 15 Victorian rooms
Westcott House, a southern Victorian on the St. Augustine's bayfront
Near New Orleans, Houmas House Plantation.
I learned about it from a beautiful photo on Webshots.com.

The "Wish Book"!  No, not the Sears Roebuck catalog....
I like to look at the Southern Living Magazine  website and check out the house plans.

  And now, off to Hawaii's Kauai Island to see The Victorian Cottage -- Aloha!


The Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California, is not a "home," but it's a
magnificent Victorian structure, nevertheless.  I've visited it
and someday want spend a day or two there.

Speaking of San Diego, if you're interested in "nostalgia" you'll want to check out Layne's Hospitality Home for Servicemen at 1268 22nd Street.  It was in operation from 1941 to 1975.

I have actually seen the charming Victorian home
of Charles & Anna Drain in Drain, Oregon.
It probably should be called "The Anna Drain Castle,"
because Mrs. Drain lived there for many years after Charles died.
I was fascinated to learn that the house was purchased
from the Sears Roebuck Catalog, came in by train, and was assembled on-site,
at the corner of Main and Altavista, near North Douglas High School. 
Drain Castle belongs to the school district and houses the administrative offices.

Another Catalog house in Oregon
 The Queen Anne style Jeremiah Nunan House, circa 1892, in Jacksonville,
was purchased by Jeremiah Nunan as a Christmas present for his wife. 
Shipped from Knoxville, Tennessee in 14 railroad boxcars,
it took six months to assemble.

Lovely San Francisco Treats

Inn San Francisco
The Parsonage
The Archbishop's Mansion
Postcard Row, Alamo Square
Photo of Postcard Row 

{I'm so glad I found this! ~Marge}

The Harry Packer Mansion in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.
Bechtel Victorian Mansion, East Berlin, PA
  Seven Gables Inn, Monterey CA, once shown in a Visa commercial;
I drove by it again in 2002.  If you're ever there, be sure to visit the Monterey Aquarium.
Abigail's in Eureka CA.
Gingerbread Mansion Inn, Ferndale, CA.
The Victorian Village of Ferndale CA.
Wilderstein Estate, in the Hudson River Valley.

We can't forget Texas!

Highlands Mansion, Marlin.
The French Legation Museum, Austin.
Swanson's Southern Plantation, Palestine.
Thanks to P. Milano for suggesting these great homes in Waxahachie 
Chaska House, c. 1900

Rosemary Mansion - 1916 Georgian Revival
The Harrison, built in 1915

On the large and beautiful island, Prince of Wales, in southern southeast Alaska, there are a number of B&Bs, lodges, and inns.  Here are some wonderful not-so-old homes.

Lupine Pensión, Craig
Trophy Inn, Klawock
Southeast Retreat, Klawock
Changing Tides Inn, Klawock

Welcome Inn, Thorne Bay
Inn of the Little Blue Heron, Craig
Craig Alaska Sportfishing

Gatsby Mansion in Victoria, British Columbia.
 Habberstad House, La
nesboro, Minnesota
 Castle in the Country, Allegan, Michigan 

 Author Betty MacDonald's home on Washington's Vashon Island is now a Bed & Breakfast.
Betty introduced the world to Ma & Pa Kettle in "The Egg and I."

The Anne of Green Gables house.
House on the Rock ~ I haven't seen it yet, but I want to.

This one is near a beautiful lighthouse on the Oregon coast.
Heceta Head Lightkeeper's House 

The Alexander Majors house
on State Line Road in Kansas City, Missouri is a reminder of the Santa Fe Trail.

Benner House, Weston, Missouri -- "This fine example of Queen Anne
architecture was built in 1898 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places."

Great educational sites:

House Styles

Illustrated list of house styles at www.oldhouses.com/styleguide/ 

Trail End, The Kendrick Mansion in Sheridan, Wyoming.  An excellent teaching site by a History Channel member.


Sometimes the best man for the job may be a woman!


If you know of a wonderful old home, send me an e-mail at mmarshall@spaciousskies.us  Thanks!

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